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Real capital for real business on your terms

We know how frustrating it can be when you see opportunities you can’t act on because you don’t have the right financing. The reality is, lots of small business loan applications get rejected by banks. But the good news is, that Consolidated Funding Inc is ready to help meet your needs with real capital that lets you control payments on your terms.

Rethink your small business loan options

At Consolidated Funding Inc we’re all about helping meet to your financing needs. Plus, you can count on the predictability of smaller, fixed payments to help plan and manage cash flow better. And unlike with others, the application process takes hours, rather than weeks.

“Yes” approach to business underwriting

We’re totally different from those “old logic” finance companies that rely mainly on your personal credit score and collateral. Instead of focusing on just these one or two factors, Consolidated Funding Inc works hard to help meet your needs.

Choose the loan terms that work best

With Consolidated Funding Inc choice is key. Are you solving for a specific dollar amount, or the smallest payments or the shortest term? We’re ready to help you select the terms that are right for your needs.

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SBA Loan Home Equity Loan Credit Cards Consolidated Funding
Inc Business Loan *
May qualify even if turned
down elsewhere
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Get funding in as few
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You have the power to determine your daily payment amount, so you can manage cash flow on your terms. Not somebody else’s.

Loan FAQs

For your reference, here are some questions that most often come up about a business loan through Consolidated Funding Inc. Don’t see your question feel free to contact us, 888-502-8883.

What’s a business loan through Consolidated Funding Inc *?

A commercial loan with fixed payment amounts, a maturity date, etc. But a business loan through Consolidated Funding Inc is much more flexible than a traditional business loan because you have a say in crafting how much the loan is for, how long it will be outstanding and your payment amounts.

Which businesses qualify?

Many businesses could qualify for a business loan through Consolidated Funding Inc, as long as they’ve have been under the same ownership at the same location for at least 3 months, and meet other general qualifications.

How much can my business get?

A qualified business could receive up to $500,000.00 per location.*

How long does the approval process take?

We offer same day funding.

Will you review the owner’s credit history?

Yes. As with any loan, the guarantor’s credit history will be reviewed as part of the borrower’s qualification process. But unlike traditional loans, an owner’s damaged credit history isn’t an automatic disqualifier for the business.

Does the business owner need to pledge personal collateral?

The business owner doesn’t need to pledge personal collateral, but the business will be expected to pledge its assets as collateral.

Who do I contact with questions about my account?

Customer Support can be reached through chat, push to talk, or the old fashioned way – just pick up your phone and dial us at 1-888-502-8883 (Monday-Friday from 8 AM – 5:30 PM EST).

Can I get a start-up Loan?

These loans are for businesses that have been operating under the same ownership for a minimum of 3 months. We do not offer start-up loans.

Do I need to process credit cards?