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Business Line of Credit

A business line of credit, also called a revolving line of credit, is a flexible loan option that operates similarly to a credit card. Borrowers can access funds, pay them back, and access them again as needed. You decide when and how to use the borrowed capital.



Funding Amounts

$10,000 - $500,000


Our Fees

 Draw fees 1% - 3%

Payment Terms

9 - 24 month terms (weekly/monthly)

Funding Time

24-hour decision and same week funds

What is a line of credit?

A business line of credit is a useful tool for businesses to have, regardless of cash flow, to take advantage of unexpected growth or expansion opportunities. It provides a flexible and often low-cost way to cover working capital needs in the short term. A small business line of credit ensures consistent access to funds to manage fluctuations in business expenses and revenues. Instead of a fixed amount of financing, a line of credit allows borrowers to access and repay a certain amount of money repeatedly.

Uses & Benefits

Scenarios where a business line of credit can be beneficial include: seasonal fluctuations, delayed client payments, needing capital for new client or production expenses, and purchasing discounted equipment or inventory.

  • Gives you the flexibility to expand your business when opportunities arise.

  • Offers the working capital you need to pay the bills during a slow period.

  • Meets your financing needs without forcing you to pay interest on the money you’re not using.


Frequently Asked Questions 

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