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Merchant Cash Advance

The popularity of merchant cash advances is tied to the growth of credit cards and merchant accounts. Businesses accepting credit card payments allowed financial pioneers, like Consolidated Funding, Inc., to provide cash advances based on the cash flow passing through those accounts.

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What is a merchant cash advance?

A merchant cash advance is not a loan but, rather, an advance against future sales based on past credit and debit card sales. Repayment is made through automatic daily deductions from future credit card sales. Approval for qualified business owners is fast, and paperwork is minimal. MCAs are an alternative to harder-to-get small business loans, such as business lines of credit or bank loans. This option is ideal for businesses with high credit card sales volume and a need for quick funding, but the costs can be higher than traditional loans.

Uses & Benefits

An MCA can fund short-term opportunities to increase ROI, such as the purchase of quick-turnaround inventory, and can be a good option for businesses that use funds to augment ROI-generating activities while being mindful of costs. MCAs are also helpful for covering unexpected downturns in cash flow, purchasing discounted inventory, or covering equipment repairs or emergencies. MCAs are suitable for businesses with sufficient cash flow and credit card receipts to support daily repayment.

  • Good FICO score not required

  • Flexible terms

  • Collateral not required

  • Discharged bankruptcies are accepted

  • Quick funding


Frequently Asked Questions 

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